Louise Abigail Aler

Brain Trainer Abbie

Trainer Abbie is a licensed professional teacher. She graduated with honors at the De La Salle University Manila with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently taking up her Master’s in Special Education at the Philippine Normal University. Having experience of teaching both in school and home setting, she has been helping students reach their full potential in different learning areas for 8 years now.

Abbie, a pioneering figure among our team of brain trainers, brings her exceptional expertise to the forefront at our center. With a rich history as one of our earliest instructors, she is entrusted with the vital task of guiding students through the AccelerateRx and BrainRx programs, making her a true expert in unlocking their cognitive potential. Her dedication and expertise are instrumental in helping our students thrive, and her commitment to their growth is evident in every session.

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