Gemini Gozon-Camello

Administrative Director

Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives, One Brain at a Time

In the heart of BF Homes Paranaque, the newly opened Brain Exercise Club is on a mission to “Boost, Empower, Change, One Brain at a Time.” Founded by moms Veronica Co Kehyeng-Saulo and Gemini Gozon-Camello, this brain training center believes in the power of strengthening the seven core cognitive skills to enhance learning and memory, and improve the way the brain thinks, concentrates, remembers, and processes information. More than just offering generic classes, the Brain Exercise Club provides a personalized program for children 4.5 years old and up, adults, and even senior citizens, catering to diverse needs and challenges.

A Shared Vision of Empowerment

The journey to establishing a business began during the pre-pandemic days, amidst the long waiting times during swim competitions where Veronica and Gemini, both swim moms, found themselves engaging in heartfelt conversations about their kids. Gemini, having a daughter with learning difficulties, had a personal understanding of the challenges faced by children with specific educational needs. These conversations ignited their desire to help others facing similar struggles.

Pandemic-Driven Inspiration

The pandemic may have halted their initial plans to open a center, both being Orton Gillingham trained. But the pandemic also served as a turning point in their journey. Veronica’s decision to enroll her two sons in the BrainRx Philippines program during the lockdown led to remarkable improvements in their learning skills. Witnessing the positive results firsthand, Veronica was inspired to bring this transformative program to the Southern part of the Metro.

The Journey of Two Empowered Moms

Veronica’s background as a licensed teacher with a decade of experience in preschool education and her role as a curriculum consultant gave her valuable insights into the significance of cognitive development in the learning process. Alongside her teaching career, she nurtured her creative spirit through her home-based baking business, Baked Twinkles. Veronica holds a degree in BS Information Technology from the University of Asia and the Pacific, and she pursued her Master’s Degree in Education at Ateneo De Manila University.

Gemini, a Cum Laude graduate in BS Nursing at University of Santo Tomas and a licensed nurse trained both locally and internationally, combined her nursing expertise with her dedication as a full-time mom to her two children, Paulo and Paulina. Her daughter’s journey with learning difficulties reinforced her commitment to create a supportive and nurturing environment for children facing similar challenges.

Creating a Community of Empowered Minds

The Brain Exercise Club is a testament to the transformative power of education, dedication, and the pursuit of a shared vision and passion. Veronica and Gemini’s journey from swim moms to founders of a brain training center exemplifies the profound impact that empowered moms can have in shaping the future of young learners.

With their belief in the potential of every individual and their passion for teaching, Veronica and Gemini stand ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of their students, one brain at a time. Through Brain Exercise Club, they hope to nurture a community of empowered minds, encouraging growth, learning, and positive change that extends beyond the walls of their center, leaving a legacy of excellence and empowerment in its wake.

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