Brain Training

Brain training is a series of game-like activities that works on the seven core cognitive skills to strengthen the brain’s thinking and learning skills. It’s like personal training for your mind instead of your body!

Brain training works by challenging the mind, giving cognitive skills a workout. Work on the brain everyday to strengthen the thinking learning skills, processing, attention and memory.

Research studies have found that brain training is effective at improving individual learning and thinking skills, like attention and memory. Studies have also found that brain training has improved overall cognitive performance in kids and adults, as measured by IQ scores.

Anyone can benefit from brain training. It is recommended for 7 years old and up.

We offer personalized one-on-one brain training plans for:

• Young children who are developing early learning skills

• Older students who are having difficulty with studying or homework

• Kids and adults with learning differences such as ADHD, autism or dyslexia

• Adults who want to work on their memory or attention span

• Career adults who want to develop an edge in this competitive market

• Anyone who wants to boost overall cognitive performance

I’m interested. How can I get started?

Book a cognitive skills assessment with the center.

After the assessment, a one-on-one consultation will be scheduled with the Center Director.

Enroll in the program.

The Program

Cognitive skills assessment determines the strengths and weaknesses of your/your child’s brain. It will identify which skills are already thriving, and which skills have room for improvement. It will give a clearer picture why you/your child performs well in some areas, while struggling in others. It zeroes in on the root cause of learning struggles.

Brain training typically lasts from three to eight months, depending on the result of the cognitive skills assessment. Each session is one hour, five training days a week, done with a dedicated brain trainer. It combines the proven power of one-on-one brain training and engaging digital brain training.

Brain training is not a miracle program. It needs dedication from both trainer and the learner. Consistency is the key for a successful training program. With that, bulk of improvements may be seen in 75% of the program.

Brain Exercise Club

Brain Exercise Club is a one-on-one brain training center. We focus on strengthening the brain’s core learning, thinking, and studying skills in students. Brain training can make it easier to understand classroom content the first time, concentrate on homework assignments, or study for tests.

Brain training and tutoring are quite similar in some ways but are crucially different in many ways.

Tutoring focuses on the academics, knowledge-based information, can help re-teach educational materials or deliver information needed for the subject areas.

Brain training targets and strengthens the brain’s core learning skills. These are the skills students need to understand, learn, and remember educational content. Brain training can also build fundamental skills used for activities like reading, writing and math.

Tutoring focuses on WHAT the kids learn, while brain training focuses on HOW the kids learn.

Brain training is done one-on-one with a dedicated brain trainer. All procedures are done in-center.