Ysabel Gabrielle Sophia Aragon

Brain Trainer Pia - Teslas Training Coordinator

Sophia has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from San Beda College Alabang, and has finished a prestigious program in Positive Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was a Sales Consultant, an Assistant Human Resource Manager, and a successful young owner and financier of a bread shop before becoming a brain trainer in Brain Exercise Club. Trainer Pia currently enjoys interacting and challenging her trainees from all walks of life to further develop their cognitive skills in strategic yet enjoyable ways.

Pia, a cornerstone of the Brain Exercise Club, is the adept instructor responsible for students enrolled in the transformative BrainRx program. With her experience as one of the center’s pioneering brain trainers, she has honed her skills in guiding and nurturing students from Grade 6 and above. Her expertise and dedication have led her to assume the pivotal role of Teslas Training Coordinator, where she oversees the professional development of trainers working with older students. Pia’s unwavering commitment to cognitive enhancement and her ability to inspire both students and instructors make her an invaluable asset to the center.

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