Emy Ruth Caparros

Brain Trainer Emy - Einsteins Training Coordinator

Trainer Emy graduated from UST in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education major in Preschool Education. Soon after graduating, she became a Lead Teacher in the Nursery Level for 5 years. She is a licensed professional teacher, and has been a Private Tutor since 2015. To keep her brain active even during her free time, she takes pleasure in reading books. She shares her passion for reading as a content creator on her Bookstagram page, @emyc.reads (an Instagram account for books).

Emy, a dedicated professional at the Brain Exercise Club, plays a pivotal role in guiding students through the transformative BrainRx and AccelerateRx programs. Beyond her role as a skilled brain trainer, Emy assumes the crucial responsibility of Einstein’s Training Coordinator, where she oversees the training and coordination of instructors working with students in Grade 5 and below. Her multifaceted expertise and commitment contribute significantly to the center’s mission of unlocking the full cognitive potential of young minds.

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